Top 5 Non KYC Crypto Exchanges

What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?

KYC is an identity verification process used by a variety of organizations to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering and similar regulations. Cryptocurrency exchanges are required to implement KYC processes in order to prevent fraud and comply with the law.

This means that any user who wants to buy or sell cryptocurrency needs to provide information such as their government ID, proof of address, a selfie or video to prove their identity and other personal information.

But what if you don’t want to go through this process? Fortunately, there are non KYC crypto exchanges that allow users to trade without having to provide any personal information. Below is a list of the top five non-KYC crypto exchanges.


Bisq is a lightning-fast, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that provides users with the most securest possible experience when trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Thanks to its decentralized nature, there are no KYC or AML requirements; in addition, it has an open-source architecture that helps ensure all user data remains completely anonymous.

Bisq also offers up to 15 different payment methods – making transactions simple for even novice traders –all while offering uncompromised security through Tor encryption technology and never storing any fiat/BTC on their servers or accounts.


Binance stands out among other crypto exchanges as its user base has surpassed 6 million and trades up to $4M per day. Located in Malta after leaving China, it is the gold standard when it comes to anonymous trading with no need for KYC updates or 2 BTC daily withdrawal limits like on other platforms. People favor Binance not only because of their competitive fees but also due to the access they provide to derivates trading, lending/margin options & more advanced charting tools – giving users an unprecedented level of flexibility!


Bitmax is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that has rapidly gained traction since its 2018 launch, offering excellent features and services. Its advantage lies in allowing users to trade altcoins with Margin for less liquid cryptocurrencies – all without KYC or AML verification required! Major digital assets such as Bitcoin Cash, ETH Classic, and Cardano can be exchanged on the platform along with BTC; plus regular token drops provide additional earning opportunities through BTMX lending. If you’re looking for an efficient crypto trading exchange sans KYC requirements then Bitmax’s high-volume interface could be perfectly suited to your needs.


An Indian crypto-exchange CoinSwitch was launched in 2017, this platform offers traders access to over 400 leading coins and tokens without the need for KYC verification. Boasting a wealth of experience with more than one million transactions completed within two years alone, users can trust that they’re getting some of the best prices on their trades – all without creating an account!


PrimeXBT has been making waves in the crypto space since 2018, transforming from a small exchange to one of the top picks for users with an average daily trading volume of over $1.5 billion! They offer some incredible features, including margin trading and high leverage on their extensive list of tradable assets – which includes cryptocurrencies, stock indices commodities, and forex – all without any KYC requirements. Who knew that such groundbreaking services could be found within just two short years?


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