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Get pro trading with an exchange designed to enhance crypto experience.

Live Crypto Exchange

A pioneering exchange which is designed root out the intercessors between the user and the merchant. Equipped with technology that integrates blockchain in the most procreative manner.

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A wallet which redefines payments and secures the transactions in multiple layers with a cryptic foundation. Simplifying the trade between the retailer and merchant, outflanking the existing payment architecture.

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On Livecrypto Exchange, you get to know about all the coins that you can trade. Be on the edge of crypto trading with Livecrypto Exchange.

How to start trading?

Signup and Verify

Before you start trading, it is mandatory to verify your identity . Signup with your email address and verify it, once it is done, you're all set to start trading and storing coins.

Wallet Setup

Setting the wallet is the next requisite for trade, all you need to do is to transfer your coins to the inbuilt wallet in the platform which can remain unused as long as you want.

Adapt the Platform

Live Crypto Exchange platform is self-explanatory and it takes a minute or two for one to familiarize himself with it. Kickstart your trade once you are through with the module.

Minimum Fee

Trade and transact at the lowest fee compared to all the existing crypto exchanges available globally.


Every transaction with blockchain secured environment, decentralized and cryptic on the very core .

Skilled Team

Operations driven by a team that stands always ahead for the unmatched aptitude and intelligence.

24/7 Support

Support available round the clock through various channels to provide help on any queries & issues.

Updates & Tidings

Timely Updates

Current happenings all around the world regarding cryptocurrencies, ICOs and exchanges, to help in predicting the market.

Broad Coverage

Crypto news from every corner of the world with a broad prospect, including every minor detail that could impact the trading.


Events and watersheds that shaped the face of blockchain, and could help in determining the future course of cryptocurrency.

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